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Using the Program



The Strong Girls program provides a step-by-step process to support those who want to strengthen girls development through sport and outdoor adventure and offer them a new experience of physical activity.


Using the Strong Girls Program

The Program offers a curriculum to cover a full school year and lesson plans which can be implemented directly with cohorts of girls in school, or can be used to support shorter interventions including summer camps, girls-only courses or after school initiatives. We designed Strong Girls very much as a plug-and-play system so whatever your needs, this resource can help you in your work with girls. Once you are familiar with the Programs’ modular structure and how the pieces fit together, it will become clear just how easy it is to adapt Strong Girls to your own particular context and goals.

Learning to use the Program is possible by attending one of our educational courses or by reading our handbook which guides you step-by-step through the process of setting up your own Strong Girls course. Currently we have teachers, sports coaches, project leaders and social workers using our Program in their work with girls.

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Whichever way you get started, in implementing the Strong Girls Program you will be embarking on a journey yourself. During the process you will be encouraged to reflect back to your own experiences of sport at school, as well as to think about your own journey up to now in terms of your emotional life, your work and relationships, and the norms and structures present in our society today and how they influence you. This is an opportunity for gaining new insights into yourself and will encourage a new perspective on what sport can teach. This perspective will stay with you and inform how you teach or support everyone you meet, not just the girls.


Join a course

Our education focuses on people committed to working with girls and girls opportunities in sport who want a jump start in their process. Perhaps you want to strengthen girls' current opportunities within your school or sports club or you are are interested in using sport specifically as a tool to promote personal development.

Most likely, you work as a teacher, sports coach or a youth leader, or you are an interested parent. You will have girls lined up to work with and will have a long-term view of how you can implement your new knowledge from the course and share your knowledge journey with others around you. The goal of Strong Girls education is to provide:

  • New awareness of how sport can be "taught" differently;

  • A solid understanding of the importance of personal development for girls;

  • Practical tools, exercises and processes for implementing Strong Girls in your own school, association or organisation;

  • A new network with other motivated people to support and share knowledge.

This intense full-day course will explain the philosophy and theoretical background behind the Strong Girls Program. You will cover the Strong Girls learning framework together with the ten program Objectives in detail and be supported through a step-by-step process of implementing Strong Girls in your own school, association or organisation. Participants will share their own experiences of self-awareness and personal development in the process, and should be prepared for a few practical exercises during the day.

We schedule course dates based on demand so please get in touch if you want information on the next opportunity. Most are held in Umeå but we can also travel to other locations. The price for the day is 5000kr for those representing an organisation and 3000 for individuals. Financial support for attending can often be obtained from your local club or förening.


Read the Handbook

The Strong Girls Handbook offers a step-by-step guide to setting up your own Strong Girls course complete with a years worth of materials and lesson plans. The book provides valuable context for the challenges facing many teenage girls today exploring topics such as emotional wellbeing, physical health, relationships and girls role in society.